The Home Winemaking Page

About this page

This page has been written entirely by manually typing html-codes on a plain text editor. All images have been drawn up to pixel level. I feel this gives me complete control on the layout.

I founded this page on 2 february 1998. First I joined Geocities. They gave me a littlebit of help starting writing html-codes by writing a page for me to start from.
The rest of the pages had to be built from scratch.
First I started translating a list of winemaking steps I wrote earlier for my own use, which became the base for the Basics section of this page (now the Procedures section).
Soon the rest of the sections followed, and I'm still working on adding more. The existing pages have been and will be updated once in a while.

The contributions to the guestbook have been very encouraging. I've answered several hundreds of emails with questions. Some of the subjects I found useful have been given a permanent place on this page.

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